ORAL & ORAL Attorney Partnership has been founded in 1985 by Attorney Şerife Deniz Oral in Istanbul. Our law firm is providing legal services to its local and international clients with its expansive experience gained in 30 years since then. In addition to general law practice, we have legal expertise about Commercial and Company Law, Commercial Disputes, Health Law, Real Estate Law, Economically related crimes and pertaining Penal Law and Civil Law, Administration and Tax Law and Corporate Debt Enforcement Law.

Our law firm serves for Turkish corporate firms' legal needs. Our goals are to increase our service standards, create solutions that add value for our clients and while doing that, provide innovative and creative solutions. As Turkish Law system's working could be complex to understand for our clients, it is our main principle trying to provide clear and concise solutions. By providing our clients legal services with our project team consisting of experienced lawyers, we let our clients benefit from the accumulated knowledge of our law firm. Experience of our legal staff, our commitment to continuous presence of experienced staff lawyers, our credibility in the eyes of clients are our basic management principles. We strive to create a complete solution and success oriented law firm following developments and innovations in technology and renewing itself and developing in order to provide better service to our clients.

Oral & Oral Attorney Partnership consists of 2 partners and more than 10 lawyers and administrative staff. We aim to provide the best, efficient and swift legal solutions to our clients with our dynamic structure and technical infrastructure. Our office follows developments in technology and adapts it to the legal field if possible

Although our office headquarters are based in Istanbul, we provide legal services throughout Turkey and foreign law related cross border transactions with high degree of quality and subject expert lawyers.

One of the first objectives of our office, which we define as preventive law, is to inform our clients about changes and improvements in the legal and regulatory developments to avoid litigation by showing ways to prevent conflict. We believe that attorneyship is to prevent disputes rather than solving disputes after their occurrence. We render our oral and written preventive legal services to our clients about unforeseen legal problems while preparing and negotiating legal contracts.

Negotiating with other parties on behalf of our clients, preparing contracts, rendering legal consulting are among our many services. We provide result and success oriented legal services to our clients and notify them about current and potential legal risks. Our legal team experienced and expert in Commerical law makes necessary examination and analysis about each of our client's business and sector. Our legal team finds need based legal solutions by using its law subject expertise.